Core competence in subcontracted dispensing – dipotec your competent partner

What dipotecsubcontracted potting means

Subcontracted potting is often referred to an effective workbench extension to a company’s own production.

In other words, a company outsources to an external service provider any processes or production aspects which, for various reasons, it cannot handle itself. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop the right dispensing solution, carry out the potting and finally hand over the finished products to our customers.


dipotec-subcontracted potting – complete process competence

  • Potting on standardized and qualified equipment from Scheugenpflug, part of the Atlas Copco Group
  • Batch tracking during the production process
  • Daily production tracking, both manual and digital
  • Documentation of dispensing processes
  • Individual documentation according to customer requirements
  • Mechanical test procedures at the customer’s request (Shore hardness and leak tightness measurement, strength testing, viscosity testing)



Compatibility – material and machine

At the beginning of a project, the customer specifies the material with which the component is to be potted.

This is usually done in cooperation with a material manufacturer before the start of subcontracted potting or sample production. We at dipotec can handle all common materials. In the case of very special materials, we arrange a dispensing test day in advance at the Technology Center at Scheugenpflug, part of the Atlas Copco Group, to test and verify material/machine compatibility.

Potting processes – individually considered

As dipotec cooperates closely with Scheugenpflug, part of the Atlas Copco Group, in terms of technology and products, we can cover all the production spectrums of Scheugenpflug.

We consider each project individually with regard to its component and material properties. Our machinery and our plant configuration allow for a variety of vacuum and atmospheric potting processes. We can therefore process material quantities as low as 0.1 ml within subcontracted potting. After detailed testing, we take on subcontracted potting for you with no time limit.

If you need more information or have any questions about subcontracted potting, please contact your potting expert.

From the request to the finished product with dipotec – your reliable partner


Offer phase

Request, NDA, document exchange, guide price offer


Verification of the offer

Sample production, finalization of the offer


Auftrag durch den Kunden

Order from the customer

Order placement, delivery of components and material



Components are potted



Return to the customer



Documentation of subcontracted potting