dipotec-potting program optimization

dipotec you special solutions for optimizing the potting program

Your production includes a dispensing process. A stronger sales situation changes the quantities, but because the system is at full capacity you cannot increase the production volume.

Optimierung Vergussprogramm

dipotec-potting program optimization

We will first discuss all the key data with you in detail and clarify the component and material properties.

Our team of experts will verify the parameters and the potting program with the aim of adjusting cycle times to achieve higher volume production. We not only test the software of the potting program but also the feasibility of sample production depending on the material properties, local conditions and component properties.

Other ways of adapting the potting program

  • Optimization of filling speeds
  • Optimization of travel paths
  • Optimization of material feed
  • Optimization of material temperature
  • Optimization of material flow properties

Together, we will be happy to clarify your requirements and framework conditions so we can find the best possible solution for you.