dipotec-subcontracted production in dispensing technology

What we offer

  • Subcontracted production and subcontracted potting
  • Prototype and sample production
  • Bridging and peak production
  • Development of potting molds
  • Optimization of the potting program
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dipotec-subcontracted production – solutions tailored precisely to your needs and processes

Subcontracted production for dispensing processes includes partial and full potting of components and the application of adhesives or sealing materials.

The proven technologies of Scheugenpflug, part of the Atlas Copco Group, are the basis for rapid and economical solutions tailored to your potting process. Your product with its technological needs is the focus of our attention.

With our wide range of services, we can offer a competent, individual and component-specific solution for sealing, bonding and potting processes.

You can contact us at any time for individual advice.


core competence in subcontracted potting dipotec your competent partner

dipotec’s strength – your benefit

  • Cost-effective potting through outsourcing of production
  • Additional production capacity at peak order time
  • Dispensing know-how incorporated as early as the prototype design phase: optimum component design and optimum positioning of the sealing and bonding beads for high functionality
  • Many years of experience in dispensing, bonding and sealing technologies
  • Reproducibility of the process in your own production
  • Optimization of existing production processes and potting programs