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production to peak
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Sample production

Samples are produced for later subcontracted production. This is usually a quantity of about 10.

All the necessary parameters for sample production are defined and the necessary component properties relevant for later subcontracted production are tested. This process is essential for a smooth high-quality process.


Prototype production at dipotec

Innerhalb einer Musterproduktion werden für eine spätere Lohnfertigung Muster produziert. In der Regel handelt es sich dabei um eine Menge von ca. 10 Stück.

Innerhalb der Musterproduktion werden alle notwendigen Parameter festgelegt sowie die nötigen Bauteileigenschaften getestet, die für eine spätere Lohnfertig relevant sind. Dieser Prozess ist für einen reibungslosen und qualitativ hochwertigen Ablauf obligatorisch.

Small series

In such cases, the number of components is predetermined and will not exceed a certain batch size. dipotec takes on all aspects of component production and hands over the finished potted components to the customer.

This benefits companies that do not yet have their own dispensing equipment and for which the purchase of dispensing systems would not be economically viable due to the small quantities involved.

dipotec has both the dispensing know-how and the technology that ensure reproducible quality in the production process. Especially for small series and small quantities.


Bridging and peak production

Scenario 1 – peak production

You already own a Scheugenpflug potting system and expect an increase in production volumes that you cannot handle because capacity is currently fully utilized.

At peak production times, dipotec takes on the quantities that you cannot produce due to your capacity bottlenecks. If you already use Scheugenpflug systems this can be arranged efficiently and seamlessly at short notice. We can take on your potting programs directly and start producing straight away.

Scenario 2 – bridging production

You have already acquired equipment from Scheugenpflug, part of the Atlas Copco Group, but are still waiting for commissioning.

In the case of bridging production, we at dipotec set up the identical system configuration before delivering the ordered system and create the potting programs. Until your system is commissioned we take on your production.

 After the system is delivered you will receive all the necessary documentation and potting programs so you can continue producing as seamlessly as possible. If desired, the potting programs can be adapted accordingly. If you have questions about potting program optimization, you can read more about that or contact us directly.

Scenario 3 – without equipment from Scheugenpflug

You do not have equipment from Scheugenpflug but are using a static mixing process and mixing system in the production process.

Regardless of which equipment you are using, we will find a solution. The most important prerequisite for being able to produce on dipotec’s systems is that you are using a static mixing process and a mixing system in the production process. In this case too, we can optimize your potting programs.